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Houston Terminal USA


Houston Terminal

Our multiple docks and lines connect to customers' transport and enable us to load and unload vessels or transport quickly and efficiently. We offer the following storage capacity and transportation in Houston in USA. Over 13.8 million barrels of storage capacity; 104 tanks ranging in size from 10-400 thousand barrels.

Rotterdam Terminal Netherlands


Rotterdam terminal

The port of Rotterdam is an important hub and trade location for liquid bulk cargo products, from crude oil, gasoline, diesel and biofuels to liquid chemicals and edible oils and fats. Businesses and traders choose the port of Rotterdam because of its central location in Europe, the excellent maritime access, the economies of scale, the wide range of independent liquid bulk terminals and the reliable services.

Vladivostok Port Russia


Vladivostok port Russia

We regulate the laws of this terminals and tank farms in this port Our personal storage farm tanks in the Vladivostok terminal also include: An oil tank farm with the total storage capacity of 920 000 m3, x 4 to be expanded to 580 000 m3 by the year 2010;A wide network of internal railways with a total length of 9 km and a capacity to accept 170 railway tank-cars.